What parents think of us.

Every year we send out a questionnaire to all the parents to listen to their feedback. We take all the praise with pride but we love to know which areas in which we can improve too. Here are the results that we got.

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You couldn’t wish for a better playgroup on your doorstep. All the staff are incredibly welcoming, helpful and engaging. Both our children were hesitant to be left in the beginning but they very quickly overcame their fears and both really enjoyed their time at playgroup.¬†March 2018

Fabulous pre-school because they have given our Grandson a great start to pre-school education, socially, emotionally, expressively and the list goes on… Also support to family and outside agencies when needed and up to date info. as necessary i.e. home to preschool diary, SEN info, etc. Quality wrap around care from dedicated professionals. Thankyou¬†February 2019

Hook Norton Playgroup is a lovely well run friendly nursery. The children all seem happy in the environment and the staff are all so caring and intentive, if you are ever stuck they are always there to help you out. I would recommend this pre-school to anyone, never had any issues and my daughter loves it. February 2019