The management of our setting

Our setting is an incorporated charity and as such is managed by a volunteer group of seven trustees – Julie Riley, Sue Monelle, Sian Arnold, Shelley White, Beth Rolls, Craig Devin and Jessica Binnie. The trustees within HNPPG give up their free time voluntarily to support the setting, it is a challenging but rewarding role and does come with many legal responsibilities. They are effectively seen as the “employer” they must make certain that they comply with all relevant legislation; from employment law to pensions. They also must ensure the setting is following the legislation governing the care of children and all instruction laid down by Ofsted.

Our main duties include but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring the charity is carrying out the aims and objectives for the benefit of the community for which we serve.
  • Using our collective knowledge and skills to act in the best interests of the setting.
  • Ensuring the charity is accountable.
  • Accountability to the charity commission and to the charity’s governing document (our constitution) and the law.
  • To act with reasonable skill and care.
  • Management of the charity finances and resources.

We are all individuals from different backgrounds and working lives, this is very beneficial as it brings a wide range of skills and knowledge to the board. Whilst we are all individuals, we must act collectively in the interest of the charity. Within our setting, we have trustees with experience in childcare, management, HR and accounting, this is very advantageous when this all comes together. We assist in fundraising events and this gives us an opportunity to chat to parents who use the setting in an informal way. We also have a separate email address so parents can contact us confidentially. We come into the setting, as often as possible, to help staff with any issues that arise and help Julie with the general day to day running of the playgroup e.g. ordering the consumables needed.