Playgroup Rules

Rules of the Playgroup

We also have Playgroup Rules, a set of guidelines for the safety and smooth running of the group.

1.   No running inside the classroom, unless it is an organised game or activity

2.   Shouting, swearing and discriminatory behaviour or remarks are unacceptable

3.   No smacking is allowed. This also means parents/carers not smacking their children in Playgroup

4.   All accidents, however minor, must be recorded in the accident book and related to the parents/carers to sign

5.   Gate and front door to be kept shut at all times for safety reasons

6.   A signing-in book is provided which must be signed whenever a child is brought to or leaves Playgroup

7.   Please do not let your child bring food or drink into Playgroup (other than a piece of fruit for the fruit bowl)

8. Following safeguarding policies, we ask that all mobile phones are not in use whilst you are on playgroup premises. The staff, trustees and visitors also have to follow this rule and keep their mobile phones in a locked safe.

Please help us by observing these Rules while at Playgroup.